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Kimera Private Cloud Servers

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black arrow Cloud Space: 4GB
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black arrow Skype Business Support
7,38€ 14,64€ 38,26€

 monthly price plans, please see for more information


Kimera Private Mail Services: Fast & Easy Setup, Effortless Usage

logo-kimera-dark-facebook Setup your own private mail service in 15 seconds or less, for free!

Everyone that knows how to configure a full-featured mail server also knows how time consuming and complex it can be.

For those who don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to configure and manage such a service usually have to rely on ad-based public services.

This is the problem we set out to tackle, enabling small business an easy way to protect their data; – Kimera Private Mail is a service designed to handle all the required and best-practice configurations  automatically so you don’t have to.

All Kimera Private Mail Instances pass all checks on and score a perfect 10/10 on

All free instances have an hourly outgoing mail rate limit, this helps keep our IPs clean server more serious businesses and also helps to keep out spammers!

Communication is always encrypted, including web-mail, there are no ads and never will be. Your data is protected by European Personal Data Protection Policy.

It only takes 15 seconds or less to create a new private mail instance. so why don’t you give our free plan a try and get yours?

Best Regards,
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Resolution of WMC Audio Problems After Video Card Upgrade

For a few years I had been running a home theater PC (HTPC) with an nVidia GeForce GTX 260 -based video card and an Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim audio card, with the HDMI output on the audio card sending both the video and audio to my A/V receiver (AVR).  I used Windows Media Center (WMC) to play all my media, with the TotalMedia Theatre (TMT) plugin for handling blu-ray playback.

I had TMT configured to pass through the source audio from the blu-ray discs, so I could be sure that the audio was making it as far as the AVR without being modified in any way.  Also, I didn’t want any system sounds interrupting my movie viewing, and enabling the source audio passthrough ensured that TMT grabbed exclusive access to the audio device, preventing any non-movie audio from playing.

I would often watch live TV in WMC while I was doing other things on the desktop, and I liked the way that the TV audio mixed with other sounds so I could also hear the audio from the other tasks I was working on.

Recently, I decided that I wanted to be able to output stereoscopic 3D video from the PC, so I replaced my old video and audio cards with a new nVidia GeForce GTX 660-based card.  After I replaced the cards and set the speaker configuration to 5.1 on the newly available nVidia HD Audio device in the Control Panel, I went into WMC to make sure the speaker configuration in there was also still set to 5.1, and I noticed a problem – the speaker test wasn’t working properly.  It would play the test tones rapidly, one right after the other, out of only the front left speaker, and then it would lock up for a minute.  It allowed me to save the configuration even though the test was bad, so I did.  I was hoping the test was an isolated problem, but sure enough I found that when I tried to watch live TV in WMC it would crash with a Video Error message after a few seconds.  I discovered that I could get it working by disabling exclusive access in the audio device properties in the Windows Control Panel, but then TMT would not allow me to configure it to pass through the source audio, since it needs exclusive access in order to do that.

The next thing I did was to reinstall the nVidia drivers, and I was surprised to see that the installer had the current version of my HD Audio Driver listed as None.  I’m not sure how the playback device showed in Control Panel if the HD Audio driver wasn’t installed, but in any case this reinstallation does seem to have been an important step.  After completing the driver reinstallation, I discovered that I could now get sound from live TV with exclusive access still enabled on the audio device, but only if I disabled the WMC navigation sounds in the WMC options.  I also noticed that live TV was now grabbing exclusive access to the audio device, so I wasn’t able to hear sounds from other applications while I worked with live TV playing off to the side.

The next piece of the puzzle was to enable the Auto Volume option under the TV options in WMC.  A side effect of enabling this option is that it forces WMC to use shared access to the audio device during live TV playback.  Finally, I found that with Auto Volume enabled, I could re-enable the WMC navigation sounds without any negative consequences.  Now audio in WMC is behaving just like it did before the upgrade.

Fully Managed Cloud Instances by

Kimera Managed Cloud Instances       <|>       Kimera Managed Cloud Services was created to fulfill the gap between shared solutions and unmanaged cloud servers by offering fully managed, optimized, scalable systems and application oriented environments.

Kimera Cloud Instances  are elastic, secure server environments meant specially for those who work on the web and don’t have the time or simply do not want to worry about server configurations,  implementations,  scalability, updates and security.

One size does not fit all!
With independent cloud instances, it is possible to build a tailored environment from the ground up specially designed for your application or web service, this means a kind of optimization, security and fine tuning that cannot be achieved on a shared server.

Management Matters!
Fully Managed Cloud Instances means that your websites or web services  are monitored by the System Administration team on a regular basis. Simply put, you don’t have to worry about server downtimes,  configuration problems and other technical issues.

Kimera Cloud Services are a result of the knowledge learned over the years when working with designers, developers and content writers.
Carefully designed solutions that are ready-to-use,  provide easy, and secure access to applications and resources.

For custom implementations or Service Level Agreements, you are welcome to open a Service Request, for general questions or suggestions you can leave a message using the big button below.


Best Regards,
Kimera Directory

Lively Chat and the plain text “escape”

chat images



Tonight I decided to try a few live chat plugins for this blog,  I’m new to WP (coming from Joomla) so I wanted to play around since it may come in handy in the future and also I was bored enough…
5 minutes later and after some minor CSS customizations, the chosen one was Lively Chat (you can see it here) was all set, or so I thought.

I asked my friend to help me test it and right away I noticed a bad problem… he was seeing apostrophes correctly and I was seeing its HTML entity number instead “&#39;”:

It&#39;s silly

First question I asked myself was: how can a 5 star plugin not encode apostrophes correctly specially when it does so on the visitors chat box?

We found this intriguing and decided to investigate further. The body of the chat messages is encoded in the files “chatbox.js” and “admin.js” .

This is the relevant line of code in the visitors chat box:

var body = $lcsq("<p />").addClass("body").text($lcsq("<div />").html(content).text());

and this is the relevant line of code for the admin chat box:


pretty easy to spot right? In case anyone is wondering, the simple “fix” to make characters show correctly in the admin chat box is simply replacing “.text” by “.html” like below:

/** the "fix" */ 

so, great! …well kind of..   The plugin is well built and does work very well so we refused to believe that this was a bug or lack of attention and decided to see what exactly was being escaped from the chat input field, what we found was that most fail safes were in fact in place, no <script> tags (but still everything inside as plain text), and correctly escaping “&” and “|” .

However, HTML entities do go through.  For example, it allows for greater than signs but not smaller than signs (slicing everything after).

A < B  --->  shows up as A 
A &lt; B --> shows up as A < B   :p

So why is it stripping “< >” when these can pass through as HTML entities ?  even worse, how come it lets entities pass through as they are but it escapes other things like apostrophes?

this could explain why the plain text encoding was left there deliberately on the admin chat box most likely for security concerns and so not a bug, our best guess it that when you just start filtering out specific things instead of using general rules, things get sketchy.

So far I’m keeping this “fix” so characters are properly displayed when chatting, if anyone knows why I shouldn’t, please come forward!


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